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Every Day for May!

Updated: May 2, 2021

Every Day for May

Thanks for following along! I decided to challenge myself to getting on a horse every day for the month of May for a few reasons:

1) I want to make riding a PRIORITY in my life again!

2) I want to highlight the experience and awesomeness of some of my senior horses who still have so much to give in so many ways!

3) I want to stay motivated & connect with my fantastic supporters while we're all a little removed from each other!

What have you committed to getting back to for the next month? Make sure you share with us!

Day One of #everyday4may = A SUCCESS

Confidence level...not too bad! Granted, I chose the quietest, safest, most gentlemanly horse we have to take my maiden voyage but why not?! We have some stellar, senior horses who are happy to take me for a little stroll in return for a pretty great retirement life 😁 Reno is such a champ, and now I appreciate him even more than I already did.

And when I came back into the house, I was greeted by a little voice saying "Mama rode Fooma!!! (her name for Reno)" so that's good enough for me ❤

I'm thrilled to see other people jumping into my challenge and am grateful for all the support!

Day Two of #everyday4may ...

Today is the day I rode Roy.

That should properly read TODAY IS THE DAY I RODE ROY!!! 😁 Anyone who knows my history with this horse knows that I've basically had a fan girl crush on him for 10 + years and have never been on his back until today. Crazy right?!

They say that you should never meet your heroes but this is the exception ...Roy is as much of a rockstar as I always imagined him to be, and even though his body isn't up to the work it used to be, he's still game to go for a nice hack and his mind will forever be up for a challenge! Like a 12 year old child claims the front seat of the car, I called "dibs" on Roy years ago and I am forever honoured that his golden years were entrusted to me. He is safe, fun and has so, so much experience to share!

Today was a great day!

Who is going to join me for the rest of May?!

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