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Purchased in 1978, "Blackacre" as it was affectionately referred to, was initially a beautiful country property, without a horse in sight. Fast forward to 1986 when a little, horse crazy girl was born. Unbeknownst to her parents, introducing that little girl to horses at the tender age of two would alter the path of their family, and the property, forever. In 2014, the first horses trotted onto the scene and "Black Acres" was born. Family motivated and supported, Black Acres is also home to Just in Time Equine Rescue and operates with a twofold mission: to provide senior horses with knowledgeable and compassionate care in their golden years, while enabling those same horses to share their wisdom and experience with anyone aspiring to learn about kind and dedicated horsemanship.



People say that the love of horses runs through the genes and that may be true, but compassion for all living creatures, responsibility, and work ethic are learned behaviours; traits which are strongly woven into the Black Acres story. Three generations of animal lovers make up our family, and the characteristics that make us who we are continue to be passed from one batch to the next. On any given day, one or more of those generations can be found contributing to the success of the Black Acres mission and we are proud to call it a family affair. 



Advocate/Vegetarian/Lover of animals/ Empath/Proud mama to a strong and compassionate little girl/ Educator and facilitator to anyone looking to make the world better

Rachel has lived and breathed horses, well...always. A horse crazy little girl, turned into a "Friday night at the barn" teenager, somewhere along the line morphed into a grown up Mom with a little girl already eager to gallop in her footsteps. With an educational background in the social services and gender studies, and a work/life resume spanning everything from program implementation to animal protection, and too many roles within the horse industry to count, Rachel has done a little bit of everything, as long as it involved kids & animals! Passionate about the quality care and protection of animals, and equipped with the understanding that education is the key to improving these areas, Rachel is eager and happy to teach anyone desiring to learn. 

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